February 21, 2008

Michael Needs To Meet His Match

I began blogging about Michael Larsen, a 12-year-old boy suffering from end-stage renal disease, last December. At the time, I asked readers of Captain's Quarters to consider the live-saving gift of a kidney to help save Michael's life. A good friend of the family teaches Michael at a local middle school, and she tells us what a great kid Michael is. Now, readers can see for Michael for themselves from a local Fox station's coverage of the story last night:

Ask friends and teachers about Michael Larsen. They'll talk about the 12-year-old's impossibly long eyelashes and nonstop chatter; they might not even mention the fact that Michael has no kidneys. The Saint Paul sixth-grader isn't just a medical mystery, he's an inspiring story. Fox 9's Jamie Reese introduces us to the boy facing his struggle with a smile, and hoping someone, somewhere, can help give him a new lease on life, that he holds so precious. To help, please call: 612-672-7270.

It's been a while since I blogged about Michael, but the need still exists. His single mother Leah has been far too overwhelmed to coordinate any new information, and understandably so. The TV coverage gives us an opportunity to update everyone on the story.

One very giving member of our community had himself tested, but unfortunately the tissue match failed. Michael needs a healthy donor with type B or O blood. If anyone in our community can fit that description and feels moved to help a great kid live a normal life, please call the University of Minnesota transplant center at 612-672-7270. With four transplants, the First Mate and I understand how powerful this gift of life can be for everyone involved.

In the meantime, please keep the Larsens and their dedicated caregivers in your thoughts and prayers.


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