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October 19, 2004
Let He To Whom Kerry Would Give Nuclear Fuel Cast The First Stone

Ron Wright sent me this insight into the Iranian mullahcracy -- the one to which John Kerry and John Edwards want to give nuclear fuel to see what they do with it. In a case where a 15-year-old boy impregnated his 13-year-old sister, the mullahs have upheld a 150-lash sentence for the boy, but have confirmed a sentence for the girl of death by stoning:

Almost two months after having hanged a 16 years-old girl, the ruling Iranian ayatollahs are to commit another human crime by condemning another young girl to stoning.

According to Iranian and foreign press, Zhila Izadi, a 13 years old girl from the north-western city of Marivan had been condemned to death by stoning after being found that she had been pregnant from her 15 years-old brother. ...

While Zhila as been sentenced to stoning, her brother, jailed in Tehran, is to receive only 150 lashes, in accordance with Islamic laws.

Lovely. And in case you think this is an anomaly for Iranian justice, two months ago they hanged a 16-year-old girl for "acts incompatible with chastity":

Human rights activists in Denmark said though Zhilas sentence had not been confirmed yet, but the fear is that, with the familys approval, she faces the same faith as that of Ms. Ateqeh Rajabi, the 16 years-old girl hanged in public by the judge, a cleric, who condemned her on charges of prostitution. ...

Ms. Rajabi was publicly hanged on a street in the city centre of Neka in the northern province of Mazandaran, on 15 August, for "acts incompatible with chastity". Faced with domestic and international outcry of dismay, the authorities said the young girl was mentally incompetent.

However, informed sources revealed that Ms. Ateqeh was sentenced to death after, during the "trial", she expressed outrage at the misogyny and injustice in the Islamic Republic and its Islam-based judicial system.

The lower court judge was so incensed by her protestations that he personally put the noose around her neck after his decision had been upheld by the Supreme Court, the sources reported.

Let's not kid ourselves; Iran is not the only country to rule by shari'a, nor is it the only country to stone women to death for "crimes" for which men either receive lesser punishment or escape prosecution entirely. However, it is the only such nation that currently is building a nuclear-fission program and which has missile technology to deliver potential nuclear weapons around the region. It's also the only nation in the world to which John Kerry and John Edwards have offered to give nuclear fuel to see if they put it to peaceful use.

Such trust in the humanity of the Iranian mullahcracy may be touching, but unbelievably naive. America needs leadership that understands the nature of the regime in Teheran, not refugees from an EST seminar or a transactional analysis lecture series. Iran not only oppresses and murders its own people in pursuit of its vision of Islam, it also funds the very terror networks that target Westerners around Southwest Asia and the world. Iran is a prime example of our enemy in the war on terror: a state which funds, supports, and directs terrorists. America needs leaders who understand that.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at October 19, 2004 12:40 PM

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