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April 5, 2005
Did UN Falsify Congo Report?

The United Nations may face yet another scandal, the BBC reports tonight, regarding its conduct in the UN mission to the Congo. A UN whistleblower claims that a key report included falsified allegations of a Rwandan invasion of Congo:

The United Nations says it is looking into allegations that a UN document contained false information that caused instability in war-torn central Africa. A former UN employee, the American intelligence analyst William Church, told the BBC the details were added to a public UN report by other UN staff.

The report stated Rwanda mounted a military incursion against neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo last year. ... [A] dissenting member of the UN panel, William Church, has now told the BBC that the Rwandan invasion was a false claim added by other panel members who had come under pressure from un-named sources.

The chair of the UN investigation, the Algerian diplomat Abdulahi Baali, has told the BBC that he is now looking into what he called "serious allegations".

The reports of the Rwanda incursion started in December 2004, and the UN report supposedly confirmed it. It become one of the reasons why the UN remains in the Congo to this day, despite their exploitation of Congolese women and children for sexual gratification. If it turns out that the report was faked, the entire mission to Congo becomes suspect -- and once again, we will have the ridiculously corrupt United Nations playing politics with its peacekeeping missions.

It won't have the impact of Oil for Food or the sex scandals, but it underscores the complete lack of credibility from which Turtle Bay suffers. If the UN wished one a Good Morning, the recipient of the greeting would be forgiven the impulse to steal a peek out the nearest window to see if it were true.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at April 5, 2005 9:37 PM

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