February 17, 2007

The Proper Way To Celebrate The Oscars

As CQ readers know, I like to watch the Oscars just to keep up with the outrageous commentary and the silly politics that always accompany the awards. I've live-blogged the ceremonies the last two years, mostly just for the fun of indulging in some snark.

This year, however, I have a better option -- and so do you. Michael Medved will come to the luxurious Saint Paul Hotel for a banquet dinner and running commentary for the Oscars on Sunday, February 25th. I'll be live-blogging from the hotel, but if you're in town, you should join us there for the best possible Oscar experience. Tickets are on sale now at The Patriot at the above link -- and they will go fast.

And, for those of you who read down this far into this post, I have a surprise. We will give away a pair of tickets on the show this afternoon to the listener who can give us the best punishment for the White Flag Republicans. You have to be one of the first four callers when we launch the contest, which will be in the second or third segment of the first hour. Be sure to call us at 651-289-4488!


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