March 3, 2007

CPAC, The Provocateur Watch

It remained rather quiet here until just a few moments ago, when Mike Stark showed up and tried to provoke an argument here on Bloggers Row. In case you didn't read about this on Hot Air, Stark showed up yesterday to get an autograph from Michelle Malkin and then started haranguing her about CPAC attendees not enlisting in the military. He videotaped the incident on his cell phone, and then Huffington Post for some reason gave him a forum to brag about his ohso-courageous intrusion on an event open to the public.

He brought his weak-assed crap to me and started going into his schtick. I stopped him and told him to go back to Huffington Post. He looked taken aback to be greeted with nothing more than tired disgust, and said, "I thought we were peers." Uh, no, Mike, we're not peers. You're a provocateur and a self-involved assault artist. Jeralyn Merritt, John Aravosis, James Boyce, and other real thinkers on the Left are my peers.

Stark slunk off after I refused to play his little game, probably to write something about how mean-spirited conservative bloggers can be, or maybe to plan his next performance-artist event. Anyone who finds this kind of mischief supportable has rocks in his head.

UPDATE: I was wrong about one point on this post -- Mike had someone else shooting the video, with a normal video camera. I got that point mixed up with another, unrelated incident. I regret the inaccuracy, which Mike's cameraman pointed out to me.


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