July 30, 2007

CQ Radio: NRCC Chair Tom Cole

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Today on CQ Radio (at the special time of 1 pm CT), we'll have Representive Tom Cole, chair of the National Republican Congressional Caucus, to discuss candidate recruitment and the 2008 campaign. The GOP has more hope of recapturing a majority in the House than the Senate, and we'll talk about the differences. We'll also review the new NRCC website, and their other effort, The Real Democratic Story.

At the bottom of hour, we'll welcome Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House to debate the YouTube debate and whether the GOP should participate. We'll definitely want your calls on this topic, so call 646-652-4889 to join the conversation!

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Comments (2)

Posted by Ray | July 30, 2007 11:59 AM

The Rapid City Journal has asked South Dakota's Senator Tim Johnson to stand and face the media.

Johnson now must decide which is most important, his country or his party. Senator Reid is determined that the U.S. surrender before our troops can finish the battle - - yet the New York Times this morning published an article "A War We Might Just Win".

Senator Johnson now has a decision that makes him more important than any General or any soldier, to resign and have a Republican appointed in his place, or to remain in office to keep Senator Reid as Senate Majority Leader. To resign would remove Senator Reid and perhaps help win the war in Iraq.

If Johnson decides to resign, a statue should be placed in South Dakota's capitol of Senator Johnson. The inscription should read "First My Country, Then My State, Then My Party".

Posted by Edward Cropper | July 30, 2007 1:32 PM

This should have been a serious consideration for the Senator from the very beginning. As soon as he was able to think straight and function mentally he should have decided if his party or his country came first.
I understand this is a hard decision in so far as giving up his seat in the Senate. Something he has worked for a good part of his adult life. But if you really care for your country and state you can not hang on the sidelines for ever and see your state not be represented at all.
He should also understand the position he is putting his country in by allowing this phony majority to continue making destructive decisions.
Of course he is probably looking at the spineless bunch of political hacks now leading the Republicans and thinking what the hell is the difference.
An excellent point. But it still does not diminish his responsibility.
It takes a man or woman of real conviction to step up and be counted at a time like this.
Not too many politicians have that kind of courage and/or public service minded dedication.
We will have to wait and see if Senator Johnson has.