August 21, 2007

CQ Radio: The Truther Demolition

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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), we'll welcome back Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House to review last night's devastating demolition of 9/11 conspiracy theories by the History Channel. Rick has an extensive essay on this today, and we'll talk about the likely impact on the Truthers from this documentary. We will also cover the Louisiana Democratic Party's planned smear campaign against Bobby Jindal and their effort to harness anti-Catholic bigotry to protect their grip on power.

Afterwards, I'll join Rick on his show to continue the topic. Call 646-652-4889 to join the conversation at CQ Radio, and 718-664-9764 for Rick's show afterwards!

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Posted by RBMN | August 21, 2007 11:35 AM

Top 5 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Debunked

Posted by RBMN | August 21, 2007 11:38 AM

Ooops. The URL got trimmed. Must be a conspiracy.

Top 5 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Debunked

Posted by Zlaya | August 21, 2007 3:15 PM

- The program makers pulled out all the stops to hire nationally renowned NBC news anchor Lester Holt (pictured) to narrate the show, a trusted voice that was utilized to brutally debunk 9/11 truth representatives.

- The debunkers, people like James Meigs whose scientific expertise stretches as far as being the editor of Video Review and Entertainment Weekly , were labeled as experts while real experts like Physicist Professor Steven Jones were stripped of any such description.

- The debunkers' interviews were pristinely shot and framed, with beautiful backdrops and highly sympathetic camera angles and filters, whereas the truthers were shot from bizarre positions, their images were deliberately distorted and even the color filter of the shot had been manipulated to make their appearance look tainted, blurred and contorted. This was an intentional ploy and a crude act of manipulation to detract credibility from the truthers and violates all known ethical standards of journalism.

- The producers of the show failed to offer the proviso that Hearst Publishing, the owner of Popular Mechanics, also holds a controlling stake in the History Channel (via its stake in the A & E Television Network), therefore concealing from the viewer a blatant conflict of interest that negated the neutrality of the show before it had even begun.

- The debunkers were afforded far more time on camera while the truthers were sidelined.

- The narrator of the show would dismiss the questions and evidence raised by the truthers as unproven or debunked in an ad hominem manner without providing any evidence to justify the assertion.

- The truthers were edited so that only hesitant responses to questions were broadcast, casting doubt on the veracity of their claims in the mind of the unsuspecting viewer.

- The show included a clip of Alex Jones' appearance at the University of Texas, at which around 500 people packed the lecture hall to hear his speech, but deliberately and maliciously edited the footage to include shots taken during recess, so as to make it appear that the lecture hall was mostly empty. In addition, lingering shots of empty chairs were included to further deceive the viewer into thinking few had attended the speech. This is journalistic fraud of the worse kind - a blatant misrepresentation and deliberate skewing of actual events.

- In a similar vein, footage from 9/11 truth protests was broadcast but the angle of the shot was always tight, so as to make out that few people had attended the demonstration, when in fact thousands were present.

- Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics, mirroring a dirty trick that was also employed in the BBC hit piece , maliciously lied and smeared Alex Jones and others in the program by claiming that most of the 9/11 families hate them and that they are responsible for causing the families more pain. Coburn and the show's producers know this is an outright lie and that the majority of the family members are asking the same questions as Alex Jones and others. Bill Doyle, representative of the largest group of 9/11 family members told the Alex Jones Show directly that over half of the family members have questions about the official story. Alex Jones and the Loose Change crew offered contact details for numerous 9/11 first responders, firefighters and family members that were asking questions of the official version, but absolutely none were interviewed by Brad Davis and the rest of the show's producers.

- The producers of the show tried to make out that Loose Change had recanted their position on the issue of controlled demolition, when in fact Dylan Avery and the other members of the crew were merely using their Final Cut version to focus on other topics, having already covered controlled demolition at length in previous versions. This trick was used to claim that evidence for bombs and controlled demolition, which is attested to by scores of firefighters and first responders, none of which were interviewed by the producers, had been debunked.

- Articles and text from 9/11 truth websites were shown, but the actual URL addresses of the sites were blurred out, with the History Channel obviously frightened that people might actually visit such websites and find out that the program was a pack of lies.

- The debunkers attempted to wriggle out of Secretary Norman Mineta's bombshell testimony about Cheney's actions in the Emergency Operations Center, by claiming that Mineta was talking about Flight 93 and not the plane that hit the Pentagon. In reality, Mineta makes it clear in his testimony that he is talking about Flight 77, "the airplane coming in to the Pentagon," and this is then confirmed by Commissioner Lee Hamilton.

- The debunkers admitted that temperatures inside the twin towers were not hot enough to melt steel, but claimed that they were hot enough to weaken steel and cause the collapse. The debunkers uniformly failed to address the fact that firefighters and first responders described witnessing molten steel beneath the rubble of the towers and they also ignored Professor Steven Jones' scientific analysis of the iron-rich microspheres found in the rubble. In a website posting last night , Professor Jones stated that he emphatically pushed the dust analysis during his interview with the producers, but the topic was completely overlooked. The New York Times reported that the molten steel was "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered" but the History Channel, mirroring NIST, failed to address the issue.

- The debunkers mentioned WTC 7 only in passing and completely failed to address why the building, which wasn't hit by a plane, collapsed in 7 seconds into its own footprint after suffering only limited fire damage from falling debris. They also failed to mention why news outlets were reporting the collapse of Building 7 over an hour before it actually fell.

- The wargames that dovetailed 9/11 and deliberately confused NORAD personnel so as to slow response to the real attack were completely excluded.

- The Able Danger program and how the hijackers were discovered before 9/11 was completely excluded.

- The fact that the money man behind the hijackers, Pakistan's ISI Chief Mahmoud Ahmad, was meeting with U.S. government and intelligence officials before and on the morning of 9/11 , was completely excluded.

- William Rodriguez' first-hand testimony of explosions prior to the impact of the planes was completely excluded, as was the testimony of numerous firefighters who attested to bombs and explosions.

- NBC reporter Pat Dawson claimed that FDNY Chief of Safety Albert Turi had only described explosions, not bombs, going off, contradicting Dawson's own report at the time which stated , "Reports of a secondary device, that is another ‘bomb' going off."

Posted by Captain Ed | August 21, 2007 3:31 PM

Zlaya copied this from Alex Jones' website -- the same man who thinks Galileo was persecuting for saying the world was round.

Posted by MarkD | August 21, 2007 3:40 PM

The internet makes scientific collaboration possible by enabling faster written and visual communication across distances.

We now have armies of cranks collaborating as well.

Posted by FredRum | August 21, 2007 5:58 PM

Cut'n'Paste Troofer in da house!

(Cap'n, "Truther" is a little too respectful for these maroons)

Posted by D F Eyres | August 21, 2007 5:59 PM

So who are you going to believe- Capt Ed, or someone calling herself "Evil"?

"Zlaya"- the feminine adjective form for "evil" in Russian.

Posted by Carol Herman | August 21, 2007 9:36 PM

I don't short-sell the Internet!

And, the other thing about 9/11 was that it was carried LIVE, on TV. So lots of people saw it. I actually saw the 2nd plane hitting the "other" standing tower.

And, the Troofers think they can treat this to their "interpretations?" Like Rosie O'Donnell saying "fire doesn't melt steel?" Woman's nuts.

It's part of the Bonkey problem. Sure, they reach their nutters. But the rest of the world can see them for what they are. And, scientists isn't one of the words that comes to mind.

'Competence' doesn't come to mind, either.

Instead of "pundits" ... the Internet provides a forum where lots of people speak up. I don't think we're ignored, anymore, exactly. Because people who earn their bread and butter appealling to the public, notice the WAVES.

When McCain got swamped, and removed as a real contestant for the presidency, for instance; what you see is what happens after there's a MAINSTREAM groundswell. If you think it's just "the base" you'd be mistaken. What hit McCain were punches he was getting FROM ALL OVER!

McCain thought he'd have the press in his pocket. Remember how the press said they loved him back in 2000? So it was easier for McCain to get the spotlight, than say: Chuckie Schumer.

True, Schumer kills competitors running towards the limelight. But for McCain? He thought it was his due.

Then? The press got angry at McCain for his pro-war posture.

And, the one thing I've noticed about the elite beasts, is a capacity, over there, to eat their own.

You bet, MORE PEOPLE have seen the History Channel store on the Internet, than actually tuned it in.

Me? I followed it on Little Green Footballs. Since I don't put on the TV. (And, at links up at Charles Johnson's site, I got to see the Popular Mechanics articles.)

When you want information, it's at your fingertips.

And, no, I don't discount the anger that's present among the Troofers. They may look like clowns. They may even sound clownish. But their anger is what's driving them.

I also don't discount that the MAINSTREAM is turned off by all the antics on the left. Sometimes, I wonder if Nixon doesn't have a ring-side seat, to watch this stuff, now, playing out as farce. He sure took a beating! The energy from delivering that beating is what keeps the left motivated, still.

On the other hand, who are they? I think they're nothing but the affirmative action crowd. They're bubble can burst. (Just like it did for the Tulip investors, in Holland, during the 1500's). Some markets keep moving on hysteria, alone. (Till they "pop.")

Posted by Billy | August 21, 2007 9:55 PM

I don'y know how many of you have seen this, but it appears the conspirators have been at it for some time.

Posted by Billy | August 21, 2007 10:01 PM

OOPS !!!!!!!! bad link, sorry, try this one..

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