September 11, 2007

Heading Right Radio: Rep. Tim Walberg, Joe Repya, 9/11

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Today on Heading Right Radio (Note special time: 11 am CT), we welcome Rep, Tim Walberg (R-MI) to discuss his opposition to the No Child Left Behind program and its proposed extension. At the bottom of the hour, we'll be joined by a man I'm proud to call my friend, Lt. Colonel Joe Repya, who will discuss the testimony of General David Petraeus yesterday and today on Capitol Hill. Don't miss this show!

Call 646-652-4889 to join the conversation!

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Also, I want to remind people that it's not too late for Captain's Quarters readers to sign the petition urging Congress to allow the surge to continue.

Sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!


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Posted by Dave in Pa. | September 11, 2007 11:35 AM

Captain Ed,

The link to the Support our Troops Mission Petition isn't working! It just links back to this page. :-(

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