October 25, 2007

Heading Right Radio: Paul Jacob, Michael Goldfarb, Rick Moran

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Today on Heading Right Radio (2 pm CT), Paul Jacob joins us to talk about his felony prosecution in Oklahoma for the crime of circulating a petition to get an initiative on the ballot. Paul faces years in prison for attempting to limit the size of Oklahoma's state budget. Don't miss this curious tale to see why Jacob represents such a threat to the peace of Oklahoma -- at least according to the state AG.

In the second half of the show, Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard will talk about the Scott Beauchamp/TNR debacle -- how it started, how Michael and Bob Owens pressed for answers, and how TNR still refuses to stop stonewalling.

BTR host Rick Moran will be my co-host today!

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Posted by Carol Herman | October 25, 2007 1:35 PM

Like I said, I think Foer is catatonic. (Happened to a few of Lincoln's generals, too. Instead of fighting; they rested on their reputations. And, Haleck went so far as to insult Grant, while all he did was waste opportunities (at Corinth, for instance) ... where his troops kept digging "in." Instead of giving Beauregard, "chase."

As a matter of fact, until the British came along; and did the necessary battle analysis ... See: FULLER. Nobody, except Grant's officers knew the truth.

Sure. In today's environment, we'd expect better.

But we've got problems. (And, you know me. I think Bush hasn't made his sale. While the other side flounders in its own swamp.)

Oh, and Waxman is going after Blackwater, now. Accusing them of "stealing two Iraqi airplanes." Ya know what? When it comes to Irak, NOBODY CARES! 70% of our public supports our troops. Only about 11%, or less, have any respect for Congress.) And, yet, we're out here on the 50/50 line.

I sure hope you can ask Goldfarb, and Owens, to get passed Beauchamp, already. It's possible, Foer thought he could hang this kid out to dry. And, thereby save his own neck?

Will Asper, who owns TNR, finally step up to the plate and do the right thing? Or? Is there concerns that Foer is so off the wall now; so hunkered down, now. He looks like Nixon, worried about what happened when the republican, Rodino (NJ), finally tossed in the towel ... and Impeachment moved forward?

I'm not so sure that TNR hangs back, now, because it's bold. But the opposite. And, most Americans? Wouldn't stone someone to death. The guy's that deep into his own hole.

It's also worth mentioning, that Italy was "trying" in abstentia, the soldier on duty, in March 2005, who shot at the vehicle coming at him. (Where we also had a US Major at the Italian plane, waiting to "badge-up" and scare off anyone following the Italians in their car. Where Sgrena was "released" from a self-willed kidnapping. With people she loved. And, Italy dropped at least $3-million into the terrorists' coffers. Drudge has a follow up. The soldier, on trial in an Italian court since last April; has had his case dismissed. On the grounds that Italy didn't have jurisdiction.

Our soldiers have not been well served! Too many fingers in the pot just use them. That makes for awful circumstances. I'm going to try and listen. I pressed the "button" you provide. Then, I saw a message, you were searching my computer for my time zone. And, your show would start in 30 minutes. Or so.

I can't believe how easy things are on the Internet.

When it's at its best it's not at the 50/50 line. But it's where all sorts of people come to check out the news.

The wonderful Internet!

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